What the heck is wrong with these customers?

WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THESE CUSTOMERS? If you have this same questions inside your head, let me tell you the hard truth here. Everything is good with your customers and you are also good but the problem here is how you are making them your customers and what steps are you are taking after they become your customers, so they will become your raving fans!

Above statement may sounds exciting but more important thing here is its possible. Only if your customer’s journey is exciting enough that motivates them to follow that sequence all the way end to your free promoters and even your raving fans.

It’s interesting to see that how businesses are selling their products and services these days. They just want to sell their products and services, but people buy relationships over products and that's where these companies are making mistakes. They are not making people to connect with something bigger than their products and services. Let’s face it, we human beings are made up of emotions and feelings. We gonna move in that direction in which we feel connected something bigger than ourselves.

Let’s say you are in fitness industry and you can be selling your fitness services and products based on features and benefits(that’s what exactly 99% of market is doing) or you can be on mission to make Canada a healthier place ever. Now Which side you feel more connected? I’ll leave up to you! If you don’t have that big thing for your customer to connect with, the day gonna come, when your customers gonna leave you for those who have that big purpose that they will feel connected with and don’t be surprise then, it’s just a human behavior.

The harsh truth here is that most businesses don’t have this big thing inside their businesses, and then they wonder WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THESE CUSTOMERS? Why people don’t buy from them instead of the fact that they are giving same services or even more at the same price or even lower and the worst thing they do after this is that they again lower their price Of Course you’ll get some more customers than usual guess what, they gonna leave when they’ll find someone cheaper than you. Now they are treating you like product or customers not an AUTHORITY. And if that's what you want then trust me a day gonna come when you are paying your customers for the services you are providing.(and its not funny at all.)

Here’s the secret if you want to dominate the market you are in based on price thing, either have the highest price range in the market or the lowest, otherwise don’t even try on this, because it’s not the money thing that gonna hurt it’s the AVERAGE that is going to hurt most.

Here’s how yow you can create that big message, big purpose, big promise, big mission……………………

2 Questions to ask yourself….

1- What problem am I (or my product and service)solving?

2- How solving this problem can add value to other’s life and society(then craft your message around these questions)?

Here we go. see! How easy that was. You are now ready to roll. Ohhhh.

I am really surprised right now that you are still reading this article after having this kind of amazing information and not implementing it right away.

OMG! Stop reading it. Okay, I’ll stop.


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