Stop manipulating your customers and start really helping them to skyrocket retention!

Let’s start off by asking you a question.

How many times do you complain about the percentage of RETENTION that your business has? Probably a lot, right? So what is the solution of this, or Is there an actual way to skyrocket your retention rates or not? Let’s find it.

After studying the chiropractic industry from the last 3 years we have found that retention is the biggest problem which affects the profits and decides how much money a chiropractor makes.

What you could be doing wrong.

There are only two ways to influence human behavior, one is to inspire them and second is to manipulate them but the sad fact is that most of the businesses only rely on manipulations to sell their products and that leads them to very less or almost zero retention rates in their business. Manipulation does work, don’t get me wrong here but it only helps to sell your product at the very first place and that’s it. Let’s say people have bought a product from you because your price was too low but the truth is that they gonna leave when they will find someone with a lower price than yours because there is no connection between your new customers and your brand, it’s just based on a manipulation tactic and that end up with low retention rate.

In the chiropractic industry here’s are some of the other manipulation tactics that businesses are using today. First, they deploy fear about their customer's health, hitting the aspirations according to the new year resolutions but nobody sticks out long enough because all of these manipulation methods are the one time driver to drive the action of buying. You can also use fear and hit their aspirations and desires, people will transact with you at the first place but what we are talking about here is will they gonna stick with you for long enough or not?

Manipulation tactics never build the trust and a bond between a customer and the business.

Also, the fact that your customers have tried things in the marketplace so many times and failed because of their own self-doubts, they don’t even believe in themselves to stick for long enough, think for a second how the heck they are going to continue to buy your product over and over? All of these tactics can’t deny the fact that they are driving just 1-time action that these tactics drive a lot of emotions in the first place but those emotions lose over time so does your retention.

Now the question is how come your customers can stick with you for the long term and keep buying your product from you over and over again?

There are 3 ways to achieve that thing in your business:-






This is one of the best sentences you will ever heard being in business written by SIMON SINEK in his book “Start with Why” where he talks about finding your “why” in everything that you do especially in business because when you start with your why and share it with other people with the same beliefs as yours, they get inspired by you, they felt a connection with you, they feel something for you and they feel a belonging with you and your brand.

it’s even freaking better than saying to your customers that “Hey I got some cool equipment at my clinic, and it’s cheap here, buy my thing”.

You say I started this because I believe in better health and I want to help others and make my community healthier, instantly people feel something. This is important because when you have a WHY in place you don’t need to sell people on a manipulation tactic for one transaction.

Let’s take an example here, what If I asked you “Mr.or Mrs. _______” why people buy your product,  why your current customers are your current customers and then you reply to me like “Oh our business has better service in the whole world”, “We give the lowest price at all in our market”, “Oh man we have the best....... best..... blah blah blah...”

What do you think my reaction will be. Tell me “Do I feel something here for you and your brand?”  “Does it sparked any emotion inside of me?” “Do I feel connected to your blah blah blah”?NO

Instead what if someone reply to me like we exist here because we believe in empowerment we believe in making our society better, to help them live a healthier and better life and we choose to be the best in business so that’s why we have the best service in the town and the best employees to help people achieve their goals at the end of the day we know we contributed to our society. Then I will be like “OH I feel something here I also want to be a part of a healthier community, where I can pay”.I am inspired, I want to feel connected and most importantly I am inspired by your acts and your business. Do you see the difference here?

2. HELP THEM BY ACTUALLY HELPING THEM before you sell your product

This phase is self-explanatory when you know your target market and you know who you are going to sell then you can help them to get what they want before you actually sell them your product.

Here’s how it works, Let’s say that you are selling chiropractic care to moms. You have defined your why that is for example “We exist to empower mom, help them become a better version of themselves to make them feel that they are valuable and are playing a bigger part in society and so and so….”

You want them to start feeling good about themselves by becoming more fit and powerful then your next step should be start adding value in their life because when you add value in their lives and take them to a form where they are feeling nothing towards feeling good about themselves and doing nothing about their health to doing some home workouts you are actually helping them from going where they are to where they want to go. By doing this you will make a bond with them because in this way you are using the most powerful persuasion principle “Reciprocity” in which you are doing something for them and they are naturally inclined to give back in return. Moms are going to feel emotions for you because you have helped them without asking for anything. This eventually creates the bond between those moms and your brand compare it to what other people are doing in the marketplace they are just asking people for money without doing nothing. If you can help people by actually providing value upfront and build a bond with them they are gonna stick with you for a long time because they can buy a lower price but they can never buy a bond down the street.


Here’s a ninja technique of marketing that you can use to skyrocket retention.

Sometimes you give away a lot of value to your customers like the first free consultation, 30-day money back guarantee or other even then customers never come back or don’t give any response, there is always one reason of that because customers don’t get enough value in that.

Excite your buyer or the initial customer once they get into your door. What I mean by exciting is that if you are selling them first free consultation then please understand that this is the first transaction that you have with your customer even if they haven't pay you anything. This should be exciting for them otherwise you not gonna make them to thick with you longer. The sad part is most of the businesses don’t take this to their heart and they think like oh! I am giving it free, it should not have to be better otherwise we not gonna make any money, we are just giving it away for them to check us out and to take the experience with us. If you have this thinking then I would say to you “ Oh really”. You think they will agree to spend money and time with you after having bad or average experience.

If the initial transaction is not good they are never going to come back and spend money.

Tip: Ask yourself this what can I do to excite my customers that will propel them to stick with my brand. Especially in chiropractic if you can make people feel good about themselves and give them hope to cure from their subluxations in their first free visit by identifying their goals and actually helping them and prove it to them that coming to you they can do it, which has never happened before this emotional trigger is enough for them to stay with you. So, you better off create a plan and a way to excite your initial customers in a way that will make them feel better about themselves.

I hope you find this article helpful, and I want to add this one point that I have discovered from studying this subject a lot that if you wanna see the results go implement what I share with you above, create your excite stage today, go find your why today, go find your target market segment today and help them. Information without execution doesn’t work at all and IF YOU NEED ANY HELP WITH THIS and have any questions post them down below or connect with us by sending email to

Thank you so much for reading this blog and we hope to see you again.


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