How to know more about your customers?

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

In this fierce competitive era, the one who understands and know their customers well, wins or stands out in the marketplace. So, the hard question is how the heck any business can layout their customer’s profile?

If you want to know the answers and techniques, read to the end.

First, Ask yourself how much you already know about your customers? Or Do you really know anything about your customers? If someone asked you right now to explain about your customers? Would you be able to do it or not? And If you can't answer those questions then you are in a right place. Without wasting any time, Let’s start find those answers:-

I will cover this customer's profile journey in six phases and all phases have their equal importance. So, please don't miss any of those phase because you never know which phase will help you to get more customers.


So the first thing that comes to mind if you imagine how your customer looks like is probably a Face, Age, Gender. Right! Give any name to your customer for this exercise. Let's say I give Michelle. Michelle is the name of my lookalike customer.

Next step what I have done here is I put a look-like face of my customer that reminds me how my customer looks-like. Alongside I put some demographics like Name, Age, Marital Status, Location, Occupation, Job title, Annual Income and quote that describe about my customer in one sentence. The importance of these particular demographics is on high because this will exactly tell me who I am going to approach in my business. These demographics could change overtime. Let's say I have a membership program that has the high-level price from others in the market place. So I will not focus on those people who have low income because at the end, it doesn't matter how good my services are, they simply can't afford it.


Second thing is the activity, If you are running campaigns online or in simple words you are using marketing to grow your business then this section is most important for you because this will tell you exactly what your customers are doing.

These are important question that you can ask yourself:-

  • What books my customers read?

  • What magazines my customers prefer?

  • Which blogs they read or what website they visit to get information about the services that my business provides?

  • Who are their Guru's/ teachers?What other activities they prefer to do?

This Phase is important because this will tell you exactly what your customers love or prefer to do? Again If you know about your customers deeply you ain't get shortage of new customers.


From now everything will take you close to your customers. In this phase I will cover goals and values of your customers. Think for a second, how important your goals and values is to you. The same is with your customers.

Start with goals, write down the goals that your customers have and how your product will help them to achieve their goals. Let's take an example from my niche goals. My niche is chiropractic and I help chiropractors get customers and if I don't work to find the goals of my customers then It will be so hard for me to understand my niche. So I have written down some goals of Chiropractors.

  • Get new 10-15 patients bookings every day and help people to get rid of pain and suffering

  • Feeling proud of themselves by doing so and realizing that they are doing something meaningful

  • Set up their Financial Issues.

Second, write down the values on things that they give it to. I mean what are their values. Let's take an example from my niche values. Again, My niche is chiropractic and I help chiropractors to get customers and if I don't work to find values of my customers then It will be so hard for me to understand my niche. So I have written values of chiropractors (Michelle).

  • Michelle loves and passionate of what she is doing.

  • Chiropractic Care is one of the keys to a longer, happier, and more active life –and it is extremely satisfying for her to assist people in their health journey.

  • Michelle's value proposition is basically her integrity as a chiropractor and provider of services that help people reach their health goals.


This phase is self-explanatory, what are your customers challenges and pain points that your business is solving?, if you don't know this stuff then you are not in people business. I would say sell stuff to aliens because people not gonna buy your product. I can't more enforce on the importance of this phase. You have to fill this sheet out.


In this phase you will know exactly where your product fits in the market place or in your customer's life. Write down what your client want to accomplish and why they want to accomplish, this will help you to make a perfect message for them.

Let's first talk on “what she wants”. This will help you to know your customers needs and wants, If you are in a business you know how important this to know what your customers want from your product. As Eric Charles Russell said, “ People don’t buy products because of your reasons people buy products because of their reasons”. Write down what your client wants. Take this example, lets say you are selling first free consultation. Without knowing what your customers want you gonna try to sell them your free consultation in the first place that they don't want but if you take one step back and research on what they actually want from your product then you will realize that they don't want first free consultation, but they actually want to get rid of their back pain(for instance) because they can't live their life the way they want to live.( That's why we need the next sheet that tell us why they want)

Sixth Phase

Another important phase “before and after” phase. In this phase you know your customers current stage and after stage or simply where they want to go.

Good news is that you don't need to dig deep to find before and after state of your customer, you already discovered it. Your customers before stage is their challenges or pain points and after stage is they what they want. If you know where they want to go with your product then you just have to take them to their dream land? Same as like a train with passengers where you are in a driver seat.

Congratulations! Now you fully know and understand your customers. Download the PDF of this customer avatar for your business :- HERE

Let us know your opinions on this customer avatar sheet.


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